Canterbury Bells

Canterbury Bells
Canterbury Bells represent Gratitude in the Language of Flowers

Saturday, February 9, 2019

A Night to Shine. February 8,2019

I participated in A Night To Shine last night.  A night dedicated to disabled teens but 
It caused my heart to glow as well.

Sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation,  this Prom for teens, who might not experience one otherwise, was started four years ago in 40 churches. Last night over 600 churches held this special magical night across the country.

The Phoenix location is at Price and Baseline at the 29:11 Church which has a huge layout in a strip mall of all places. It occupies most of the strip but there are a few restaurants there as well.

There were 100 participants with over 250 volunteers.  Everyone was dressed up for prom and had a variety of activities to participate in during the evening. A stretch limo ride, the red carpet, kareoke, a game room, corsages, make-up, photos, dinner, a king and queen crowning ceremony (every participant was crowned) and best of all was the dance floor. They danced their hearts out and their unadulterated joy was beautiful.  

Every teen is assigned a buddy.  My “date” for the evening was 19-year old Bailly, a senior in high school who recently had a heart transplant. It did not slow her down one bit as we danced each dance. Her enthusiasm was contagious. The floor was packed, including those in wheelchairs whose dates twirled them around and around.  When you witness such happiness in those who might have reason to not be so happy, you are truly inspired to appreciate your health and good fortune.

There was a respite room for parents and caregivers who could relax while their child was with a buddy. They could enjoy chair massages, TV shows, a chocolate fondue fountain and many other goodies.

As I drove home I thought of how fortunate I was to participate in this event and witness the love poured out to these children in so many ways. It truly was a night to shine, and even today, the light that this love spread filled my heart and  is still glowing within me.